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We offer the world’s most sophisticated and advanced non-surgical hair replacement system for baldness. Our hair wigs and patches give the desired density to the hair instantly. We have a range of Non-surgical hair replacement and the procedure with no scars, no pain and side effects takes only 60 minutes. The hair replacement treatment for baldness is 100% natural and is done by custom-made fine membrane.

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Hair patch for men

Best Hair Systems At Dbamy Hair Care is there for all your big and small hair concerns. There is a common health issue that is causing Bald spots of the scalp, brow, or beard. This medical condition is called ‘Alopecia Areata or spot baldness which causes baldness at certain spots of the head. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body's immune system to mistake hair follicles for foreign invaders in order to control the growth they, attack them ad as a result it causes small bald patches across the head.

Dbamy Hair Care has many ways to treat your hair related issues. As a method of treatment at Dbamy Hair Care Gurgoan and Delhi we have specialised doctors who know your concern. Our Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical hair replacement method that is pain-free and has no particular side effect. We take clinical glue or even clips to stick the patch of hair. This technique is suitable for any hair type that will ensure undetectable hair for the customers. Hair patch treatment for men is a widely acceptable and affordable means of treating hair loss treatment in the recent market.

Dbamy Hair Patch

The glue and clips used for the treatment are quite safe and do not lead to allergic reactions on the scalp. It has an over 98% accuracy rate. Although it varies depending on individual differences and the symptoms and after-effects appear within a few weeks of the procedure. Here is how it’s done:

  • For hair patch fixing first, the scalp is cleaned and then the scalp protector is applied and left to work for two minutes.
  • Then a thin layer of cosmetic glue is applied in the under-base of the patch following by that a paste of the hair patch is pasted in the desired area of the scalp and it is then pressed for a few seconds.
  • The cosmetic glue is extremely safe for all skin types and does not lead to any allergies or infections thereafter.

But it’s important to note here that the hair patch is not permanent. It is like an artificial skin on which natural hair is planted. It is fixed to the bald portion of the head in various ways such as: Hair Bonding or Clipping or Hair Weaving for men. Also, the longevity and durability of the hair patch depend on the quality of the hair patch you choose.

How Dbamy Hair Care clinic make a difference?

We at Dbamy Hair Care center have two branches in Delhi and Gurgaon to provide you a best available solution in the most affordable process. We know the pain and stress of losing hairs and the struggles of hair problems to deal with such challenges to aim to guide you through a journey from hair loss to hair reunion. It not only goes a long way with you, but helps you look much younger and more confident than ever before.

Our professional Dbamy hair patch shop near me will to cater you to the fullest. You can rest assured that you will be benefited from something for a lifetime. It’s time that you encourage yourself and get back the lost glamour. So come down and get yourself the much needed grooming. Hair Systems at Dbamy is your way to Say Goodbye to all hair issues. Hair patch is now a thing of the past. Try us to know the difference we create in your lives each day!

Our tips to protect your hair from damage

To take care of your hair patch one has to dry the patch with a hairdryer, in the lowest setting. Then allow the repaired area to fully air dry before you apply adhesive to the base. It’s important to make sure the liquid polyurethane is no longer gluey. You can also use liquid polyurethane without tape to repair the damaged area.

Services we offer

Hair treatments and Wigs

We share the best and the largest variety of hair wigs. Hair wigs are meant for everyone for every age group and the variety of it is vast. From choosing different colors to straight and curly, it gives you the freedom to choose anything.

Customized Hair patches

Hair Patch can even be custom made where you can customize it according to your need and preference of hairstyle. There is no irritation in this hair patch fixing method and the styling can be done easily at home just like the rest of your hairs.

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement is a permanent cure of baldness, hair thinning, hairline depleting and issues like excessive hair fall, allergic reactions, infections and dandruff that creates weakening of hair roots and excessive breakage.

24/7 consultancy services

We are available 24/7 to hear from you and book your appointments with us. Get services according to your time and preferences any time of the day and any day of the week!

Hair implants

This is a procedure to treat through a surgical process that is followed by removal of hair follicles from any part of the with hair tissue like face/ arm/ legs and planting that part on the hairless portion.

Online/ Offline Consultation

Get both online and offline consultancy from experts and trusted specialists. Get connected right away by contacting on the healpline numbers.


Your tomorrow shouldn't make you look the same as today because you might just cherish getting that minimalistic patch on yourself tomorrow.

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Frequently asked hair-related issues

Hair issues are growing day by day and causing serious concern amongst the young and elderly. Good hair gives confidence and the ability to be present on all occasions. For this to happen there are several questions that a customer often thinks of for the first time. A few of the frequently asked questions are: 

Customised Hair Patch can be designed according to your need and preference of hairstyle, hair pattern, density, issue and need. There is no side effect and irritation in this treatment. What are you waiting for? Try the hair patch service in Mayur Vihar offered by Dbamy!
Through this website, we wish to answer all questions and provide best-in-class solutions for people with different hair types and hair concerns. We will introduce you to permanent solutions at the most affordable prices like hair extensions and hair wigs. Not only do these solutions match your original hairlines but will also make sure you get better volume and lustrous locks thereafter.
A wrong implant can cause complications bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp · bruising around the eyes etc. It varies from person to person.
It might cost roughly Rs. 30,000 approximately. Although, the cost may vary from case to case depending upon the number of hair grafts, severeness of the complication, number of sessions you need and certain other related issues. 
You might feel pain or soreness at the transplant site as well as in the area where hair was taken from. For the next few days, your surgeon may prescribe: pain medications, such as ibuprofen.
Process such as: Bonding. That help in adding more volume to the natural hair, Sewing in/Tracking in which the natural hair tresses are initially braided into cornrows or braids, which are commonly referred to as 'track' are used. Other than this Fusion is depending on the intensity of the problem.
One can choose and pick the best-quality, most natural-looking wig which is also affordable. Key features that make a wig look realistic are a lace front and a monofilament part or top. In a lace front wig, each hair in the front of the wig is individually tied to a sheer material, creating the appearance of a natural hairline.
Some people might feel a sensation of itching due to heat and sweat more than others. But wearing a hairpiece all day can also cause you to sweat more than usual. A sweaty scalp often causes greasy hair and may give off an unpleasant smell and this may ultimately lead to itchiness and red bumps on the head. So only go for high quality wigs.
Use hair treatment that can give a permanent result such as Customized Hair patch, Hair wigs, Hair implantation and hair repair treatments.
You need to search for the best hair patch clinic near me offering - hair patch in Gurgaon and hair patch service in Delhi, visit them, understand their services as per your requirement and try them in case it suits your needs.
Yes it is! This type of non-surgical hair replacement in Delhi and Gurgaon does not include going under the knife or getting operated, which nullifies the chances of any infection, treatment failure and so on, thus making it a safe and painless procedure.

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"I highly recommend Dbamy for hair replacement. Very experienced and professional team. Very happy."
Saurabh Gupta
"My hair fall created problems, so I thought about hair surgery but I also saw hair patches. I checked google, found DBAMY who helped me with a good hair wig. Now I used it daily and get service every month."
Bhupendra Mishra
"There are many hair patch provider but Mr. Akshay's behaviour and quality service of DBAMY is the reason I visit DBAMY hair studio in Gurgaon."
Prabhdeep Kumar
Sector 55, Gurugram
"I like the quality of my hair patch, i am using hair patch from many years but I came to DBAMY in 2018. I am happy that I found their hair replacement studio. They are the best guys."
Ghanshyam Kumar
Delhi Cantt
"Very cool environment. I am really happy with smooth procedure of hair transplant. Thank you Dbamy."
Reetesh Kumar

About Our Services

Dbamy Hair Care center is a pioneering name for all hair repair services. The branches are located both in Gurgaon and Delhi and offers 24/7 consultancy services for hair replacement and hair care. We have a wide range of premium and quality services so you can rest assured that you will be benefited with a product of your choice. It’s a one-time process that helps you present the best of you, boost morale confidence and will encourage people around you to try it themselves.

Through this website, we wish to answer all questions and provide best-in-class solutions for people with different hair types and hair concerns. We will introduce you to permanent range of premium solution that is best for you and your budgets.

We thereby offer best-in-class service and freedom to choose from our wide variety of mindfully curated range of wigs and hair care products. Not only do our solutions like hair implants, customised hair treatments, extensions and rejuvenating solutions brings your original hairlines but will also make sure you get better volume and lustrous locks thereafter. We are here to give you the best consultancy and knowledge, considering the challenges you goes through each day.

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